A Glimpse into the 2019 All-school Musical

Ana Flood, Staff Writer

   Throughout the start of the new school year, the New Milford student body excitedly awaited the announcement of this year’s musical, The Addams Family.

 In this musical comedy rendition of The Addams Family, it utilizes the essence of the Romeo and Juliet storyline as the Addams are forced to come to terms with young love between daughter Wednesday Addams and Lucas Beineke.

 On November 26, 2019, after days of auditions and various callbacks, the All School Musical cast list was finally released. This upcoming musical’s talented cast includes Tyler Holm as Gomez Adams, Ryan Fitzgerald as Lucas Beineke, Ian McNulty as Mal Beineke, Joshua Abel as Fester Addams, Jess Learson as Pugsley Addams, Patrick Fergus as Lurch, Leah Lawson as Morticia Addams, Sophia Delohery as Wednesday Addams, Lily Boisvert as Alice Beineke, Juliana Rella as Grandma. 

 Behind the scenes, the musical has a dedicated group of students, volunteers, and staff who create the cast’s costumes, build the musical’s sets and practice the music. Under the direction of Mr. Amenta, with choreography by Miss Pytel and hard work from the cast and crew, the Addams Family is certain to be a success.