Student Profile: Tyler Holm

Ana Flood, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever seen New Milford’s All School Musical, etched into your brain is the memory of an actor who perfectly embodied his character which definitely caused you to burst out laughing. That particular actor is known as Tyler Holm, and acting is not the only thing he excels at. Holm is an avid member of the executive club and recently decided to campaign for president.

Tyler Holm first joined executive club with the intention to join his friends and have fun, but eventually realized he wanted to contribute to the school community as well as the junior class. Believing running for office would be the best place to make an impact accompanied with the enjoyment being a leader, Holm decided to run for president. After an inspiring speech and short voting process later, Holm was elected Junior class president.

Accepting the title as the newly elected Junior class president, Tyler Holm has multiple personal ambitions as well as future goals for the executive club. Holm expressed an important personal goal is to, “harbor better communication with the school so the voices of the students can be heard. I think executive club should really be more like a representative body of the students so I would like to lay the groundwork for getting more consistent feedback from all the students.”  On top of that, the entire executive club has been hard at work brainstorming ideas for fundraising as well as making this year historic. While he doesn’t want to give away too much of the exciting plans he has in store, he did reveal, “one of the really cool near-future things we’re going to be working on is selling these custom Pura Vida bracelets.” 

Although after high school Tyler Holm believes his aspirations won’t correlate with a career in politics, he states, “my values are extremely important to me and I’ll always be politically active but I don’t think I’m insane enough to run for any real public office. That said, I think that I would like to be in some sort of leadership position in whatever I eventually choose to pursue and being class president is already teaching me a lot that I hope I can carry with me into the rest of my life.”