Footloose the Musical

Usually when one hears about a high school musical, they immediately associate it with mediocre acting, off-pitch singing, and my personal favorite, “step touch step touch touch”. Fortunately, the New Milford All-School Musical never fails to entertain its audience with exciting dance numbers, powerful singing, and of course, its talented cast. 

Footloose The Musical, depicts the story of an eccentric teen, Ren McCormack, as he adjusts to his new life in the small town of Bomont. While Ren thought that living in Bomont “was going to be perfect, like one big happy family”, he was quickly proven wrong. With dancing outlawed and practically the whole town against him, including Reverend Bomont or better known as “the power”, Ren aspires to convince him to allow the teenagers to dance again. 

The lead, Ren McCormack, was played by Ryan Fitzgerald and an audience member states, “Ryan is very energetic and a good actor! Also, he looks like he’s having a lot of fun in each scene and he really fits his character while portraying the story very well.” Jenna Drahota, a vocal powerhouse, played Ariel Moore and an audience member also stated, “Jenna has an AMAZING voice and she’s very talented in dancing, singing, and acting! So, she’s basically a triple threat!” 

But, lets not forget about the other gifted actresses and actors who helped bring Footloose The Musical to all its glory. Here are more of the audiences reactions. 

Maddie Bielmeier (Ethel McCormack) and Sam Guardino (Vi Moore)

“Maddie and Sam were powerful during Learning to be Silent and they both played their characters very well! Also, their both really good singers as well as actresses.”

Madeline De La Parra (Rusty)

“Madeline was able to play the character really well and her singing was FLAWLESS! Loved every minute she was on stage!”

Brian Hinger (Reverend Shaw Moore)

“Brian is such a talented and powerful singer!”

Tyler Holm (Willard Hewitt)

“Tyler holm’s acting and singing skills were absolutely stellar. It was easy to tell that he was having so much fun on the stage especially with his humorous personality!”

Madison LaFontan (Urleen) and Lily Boisvert (Wendy Joo)

“I liked how both Maddy and Lily’s expressed their characters Urleen and Wendy Jo so beautifully. How they took on whole new people it felt real and their acting was amazing. They were really funny as their characters and it made for a more interesting musical.”

“So for me my favorite character of the show would be Wendy Jo played by Lily Boisvert. The reason would be because she was really great at singing and her acting was really good. She was able to stay in character and her character was overall so funny. The song Holding Out for A Hero was a great song as it’s 1) well known but 2) was sang so well and the choreography was amazing. But overall, Wendy Jo was probably my favorite character of the musical.”

Ryan McNulty (Chuck Cranston)

“Ryan played the bad boy character exceptionally well and I enjoyed the  cockiness aspect of his character!”

Colleen O’Connor (Betty Blast)

“Even though Colleen had one scene, she did an amazing job of making the entire audience laugh with her witty jokes! Also, I’m positive everyone was dying at the whole “bad at skating” bit because she was just super GOOD!”

Joshua Abel (Lyle) and Patrick Fergus (Travis)

“Josh and Patrick added something magical to the musical with their funny characters and their singing was amazing in “The Girl Gets Around”. 

Jacob Best (Cop), Zach Best (Garvin), Charlotte Bunt (Lulu Warnicker), RJ Harkin (Jeter), Ben Heaton (Wes Warnicker), Jess Learson (Bickle), Collin O’Brien (Principal Clark), Daniel Pettibone (Cowboy Bob), Juliana Rella (Eleanor Dunbar), and Kevin Terry (Coach Dunbar). 

“The entire cast was perfect and each actor or actress really got into character. Because of this, Footloose The Musical was really outstanding and I think that every night will definitely be sold out!”

Each audience member’s reaction perfectly summed up the entire musical. Not only could the cast sing and act exceptionally well, but also each actor or actress was able to perform their character or part with their own personal flare. 

But, of course the musical just wouldn’t be the same without its dedicated boys and girls chorus, crew, orchestra, director, musical director, choreographer, technical director, conductors, and production manager. Because of these wonderful hard working people, the musical was able to have a fantastic set, outstanding dancing, and run smoothly. 

The New Milford High School’s production of Footloose The Musical, was undoubtedly a major success with an audience member stating, “the performance was amazing! From the choreography to the musical talents of the students and the pit, I’d definitely see it again!” 

So…Don’t miss the last few performances of Footloose The Musical on – 

Friday, April 5 at 7:00 pm

Saturday, April 6 at 2:00 pm 

Saturday, April 6 at 7:00 pm

With 10 dollars per ticket purchased online and 15 dollars at the door, you won’t want to miss this great experience!