The 2019 Mr. and Ms. Greenwave Pageant

Skylar Mink, Staff Writer

On March 1st, the NMHS Student Council hosted the 2019 Mr. and Ms. Green Wave Pageant. After no event in 2018, students were excited to hear it was coming back this year. Student Council President Souraya Taouil and Senior Julia Smialek hosted the event. Running for Mr. Green Wave were Seniors Will Horvath, Ryan McNulty, Conor Stahl, and Ryan Rawoof. Junior Lucas Venezia and Sophomore Daniel Rizvic were also amongst the Mr. Greenwave candidates. Running for Ms. Green Wave were Senior Alexa Duncan, and Juniors Molly Farquharson, Lindsey Adamou, Abbie Mars, Katherine Lukens, and Geovanna Coehlo. The introduction of contestants went smoothly, with a reoccurring theme of “love for chicken nuggets”.

   Acts shortly followed the introduction, where each of the contestants performed an original talent. Senior Will Horvath did his signature “Hockey Stick” performance, but this time with a twist; he was blindfolded. The next act was performed by Senior Alexa Duncan, as she hula-hooped in a carrot costume while singing the ABCs. Though she gave up on multitasking halfway through, it was undeniably memorable. Another Senior contestant, Ryan McNulty played the well-known “Careless Whisper” composition on his saxophone. It was charming and executed extremely well. It was followed by Junior Molly Farquharson’s painting expertise. She came on the stage and painted a scene, with the help of a member of the audience. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the involvement in the masterpiece. Senior Ryan Rawoof sang to Queen’s, “We Will Rock You” with the audience stomp clapping along. Upperclassmen dancers Katherine Lukens and Abbie Mars choreographed “Womanizer” by Britney Spears. They stole the crowd’s heart with their talent. Soon Senior Conor Stahl came on the stage with a comedy act comprised of “dad jokes”. Another upperclassmen talent, Lindsey Adamou showed her lip-synching abilities, with a mix of pop star Jason Derulo’s greatest hits. Junior Lucas Venezia came on the stage, with a trench coat, sunglasses, and a hat. He then proceeded to throw off everything (don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, he had clothes on underneath) and danced a compilation of Fortnite Dances. An additional Junior, Geovanna Coehlo showcased her incredible singing. Her pitches were perfect, but to the audience’s disappointment, she ended the song early. Nevertheless, the crowd went wild. The talent portion concluded, with Sophomore Danny Rizvic took center stage, chugging a water bottle in a few seconds. To the audience’s surprise not a drop was spilled.

  The acts proceeded with the school spirit contest, where candidates showed off the New Milford High School colors, green and white. The contestants were also asked a series of questions, which definitely didn’t disappoint.

  Finally, voting time began. Within minutes, the audience placed their votes and a drum roll commenced, leading up to winners of the Mr. & Mrs. Greenwave titles. Congratulations to Juniors Lucas Venezia and Katherine Lukens! The contestants were rewarded with a custom T-shirt and a $50 gift card.

  The 2020 Mr. & Mrs. Greenwave competition is promising, we can’t wait to see what next year’s pageant brings!

    Note: The Student Council would like to thank Mr. Donahue for theatre operations, Student Council President Souraya Toauil, Stage Manager & Student Council Vice President Mariya Tazi, Student Council Advisors Mrs. Benson and Mr. Bronn, and all Student Council members and participants who helped make the event possible.