New Milford High School: School Profile

Cassandra Way, Student Contributor

New Milford High School has only been standing for 19 years when construction finished in 2002. Before then, grades 9-12 were in the building that is now the intermediate school. The schools were moved when the town’s mayor, Arthur J. Peitler, voted to better reorganize New Milford school systems. Before building the school there was actually a design plan to create a pool, but that never happened. There are three floors accessible, with a fourth floor that is mostly only used for storage.

 Athletics are a big part of what makes New Milford High School, as our rankings and wins have placed us off the charts. Our teams range from wrestling and soccer to baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, etc. Not only are our athletics stellar, but New Milford High’s music program is excellent as well. The school marching band and color guard have recently been named the greatest band in Litchfield county. Orchestra, winter percussion, and wind ensemble are also wonderful courses in our music department. Additionally, we have a fantastic Theater Arts department who shine the spotlight on some of New Milford’s most talented young actors with outstanding plays and musicals.

  The rules, regulations, and even the grounds of New Milford High School have changed over the years, but the environment and welcoming atmosphere have not. Currently, there are over 1,400 students attending New Milford High School, with a graduation rate of 93% and an Advanced Placement participation rate of 47%. Throughout years our academic rates have gone up, keeping a steady average with the district and keeping above the state’s average. New Milford High School will continue to change and evolve with it its students, but the strong sense of community and passionate teachers will stay consistent. New Milford High School has truly helped me achieve my goals and shaped me into the person I am today.