Statistical Review: Nurmagomedov takes the UFC Lightweight Title

Gio Cooper, Student Contributor

On October 6, 2018, at 12:05 pm Conor Mcgregor was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the UFC 229 Lightweight main event. Within the last rounds, Nurmagomedov subjugated the match, but McGregor kept up a good fight. Finally, Nurmagomedov had his dominant submission, and it was over for McGregor. However, UFC fans were torn between whether McGregor or Nurmagomedov deserved the title, but the overall statistics of the match favored Nurmagomedov. For instance, Khabib landed seven of nine significant strikes, while McGregor connected on six of seven significant strikes. The fight started in favor of McGregor, as he won the first rounds striking. Tensions rose, as fans disagreed whether this fight was fair or not, as the pair’s techniques differ greatly. McGregor’s quick hands are the complete opposite of Nurmagomedov’s approach, with elegant striking and intense shot power. As the second round began, Nurmagomedov took over and was more consistent than McGregor. However, Nurmagomedov’s stamina was clearly better than McGregor’s, but McGregor still put up a tremendous fight. Although, round 3 was in McGregor’s favor, as he took over and grappled against the beast.

The match intensified in the 4th, as Nurmagomedov scored a takedown on one attempt, and an additional guard pass during the round. Nurmagomedov took one submission attempt, conquering the fight. Officially, the submission attempt was recorded as a rear-naked choke. McGregor tapped to the hold at the 3:03 mark of the stanza, which gave Nurmagomedov the victory.