Teacher of the Month: Ms. Stolle

Sarah Doychak, Staff Writer

Photo Credits: Murals Wallpaper

At New Milford High school we have so many great teachers. Among them is a science teacher named Ms. Stolle, who teaches Integrated Science and Chemistry.

 We have many excellent teachers at New Milford High school but, we don’t necessarily know why they decided to become a teacher. Ms. Stolle has been teaching for 13 years, because of her passion for education and natural connection with students. She discovered this during college while gaining teaching experience at an elementary school.

 Another influence that began her teaching career was her family. She was interested in science, mainly chemistry, because of her father. After college, she began teaching Biology in Georgia. Soon Ms. Stolle’s family moved to Eastern Connecticut, and she decided to follow. Once she was settled, her job hunt began with two teaching interviews across the state, one with New Milford High and one at a school in Brookfield. With her various qualifications and experience, Ms. Stolle was offered a job at New Milford right away and took the opportunity. Ms. Stolle stated, “It’s an easy choice to say I’ll teach here it’s a beautiful building” when discussing her decision to teach at New Milford.

  Ms. Stolle loves being a part of the strong team that is New Milford’s science department. She also enjoys teaching such cheerful students every day. Over the years, there is one quality she values above all about her students; how they treat people.

  Thanks to teachers like Ms. Stolle, who has a true passion for teaching, students at New Milford High can receive the best public education possible.