Study Tips for the next Quarter

Carly Blinston, Staff Writer

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Photo Credits: “17 Scientifically Better Ways to Study this Year” -The Best Colleges

Midterms have finally come to a close, and grades were posted. As you reflect on the experience, you may ask yourself, were you prepared or unprepared? Hopefully most of you are happy with your grades; however, sometimes things don’t work out. With your results, you may have learned one of two things; perhaps you have a better grasp of the material, or maybe you need a little more guidance in the studying department. Here are some tips to make studying less stressful!


  • Take time to study: Throughout the week, don’t study just on the night before a test. Not only do you lose sleep, but it is also much more stressful.
  • Make a list: Create a list of everything you need to look over, so you don’t study too much or too little.
  • Turn off your phone: Phones are huge distractions.
  • Listen to music: If you like music while you study, try calming music without lyrics. As lyrics can be somewhat distracting, I recommend Lo-fi Hip Hop or Jazz.
  • Take breaks: After a certain amount of studying, take a break. Try to keep these breaks consistent, for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Study with someone: If study subjects are still confusing, have a friend or family member help you study.
  • Take time to breathe: When you get a bit frustrated, it can help to take a step back, reflect, and regain focus.
  • Sit with a pet: Pets are good for comforting and stress relief.
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