Student Perspectives: Auditioning for ‘Footloose’ the Musical

November, 2018

Ana Flood, Staff Writer

I interviewed freshman Isabelle Bergman about her experience auditioning for the school musical, ‘Footloose’.

What made you audition?

“Well, first I always had so much fun doing musicals because I really enjoy acting and musical theatre. Additionally, I love the community created from the musical and the closeness of the cast. But what pushed me to audition really was when a fellow dancer, Colleen O’Connor, persuaded me to try out stating, “You’ll regret not auditioning! It’s such a great experience!”

During the audition, were you nervous? If so, what made you nervous?

“What was kinda nerve racking is that you have to sing and act in front of four teachers, alone. The dancing portion wasn’t as nerve-racking just because that’s what I do. Overall, mostly the alone portion of the audition was hard, but you can preserve.”

How was the dancing audition? Did having previous dance classes help?

“I felt like I knew what I was doing because of the previous dance classes. I feel like it went really well for everyone and everyone was great! Also, the combination wasn’t super hard and I felt like I knew the steps.”

Which was the easier portion (dancing or singing)?

“I would have to say, dancing. Probably because I dance regularly and I don’t sing or act as often. “

What are some wise words for someone who might audition?

Definitely don’t be nervous when auditioning! Be confident in yourself! And, make sure to go all out because your not making a fool of yourself. I feel like in the acting and dance community you put all you have into it!

After talking with Isabelle, I realized that despite my concerns about auditioning, it’s a risk worth taking. Whether you’re nervous about being judged or making mistakes, don’t worry and just try your hardest! To those who are considering auditioning, good luck and do your best!