Halloween 2018: An Official Guide

Skylar Mink, Staff Writer

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Halloween; A twenty-four-hour timeframe of unexplainable events. A time when the barrier between the supernatural and the natural becomes thin, where paranormal activity runs wild, and the sensation of being watched is insatiable. As Halloween 2018 is just around the corner, the excitement of the treats, tricks, and celebration are here to haunt us once again.

According to the article, The History of Halloween – How it all Started, by CBBC Newsround; Halloween began as the festival of Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Britain and other parts of Europe. Although, Halloween really started to become popular during the 19th century in America, when Irish immigrants came to the United States.
Over time Halloween grew in popularity until it was celebrated in various countries like Canada and of course the United States. In present-day America, there are costume parties, a trick-or-treating tradition, Halloween themed attractions, and hundreds of books, movies, and TV shows with a Halloween horror theme.
Better yet, 2018’s Halloween might just be the best one yet. This year’s Halloween lands on a partly-cloudy Wednesday, the perfect weather for such a spooky day. Fortunately, there’s practically no chance of rain so any outdoor parties wouldn’t be rained out.
Speaking of parties, there have been some crazy ones. Last Saturday at a residence in New Milford, one party in particular truly exceeded all expectations. Over forty people dressed in a range of costumes came to the house where the outdoor party was being held and were amazed at what they saw. The usually pretty house had turned into a place that was seemingly from another dimension, with a winding glow-in-the-dark entrance, grotesque-looking but delicious food, an outdoor movie, and best of all― a Terror Tunnel! The hosts of the party made a trail, similar to that of the well-known Harrybrooke Park Haunted trail. The Terror Tunnel was constructed in a month with the help of some Home Depot Halloween decorations and a couple of friends. Filled with scary decorations, lifelike figures, and a couple mischievous adults, the trail gave quite a few of the party-goers a scare.

Not to mention the costumes! There was a clown, a mermaid, Randy Savage with Slim Jims, a Sasquatch, an adorable cannoli, a pirate, a cavewoman, and a gypsy― just to name a few.

Some events of the party was a costume competition, a spicy lollipop challenge, and of course, the Terror Tunnel. While enjoying the overall atmosphere, the good food, and activities, but overall the outdoor movie screening of the classic Creature of the Black Lagoon was the highlight of the night.

Speaking about movies, the remake of the horror movie Halloween just came out on October 19th. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 79% and an IMDB rating of 7.6/10, the movie was generally well-liked by the public. With a mix of good and bad reviews, Halloween (2018) is surely a movie to enjoy or at the very least watch in order to see what it’s like for yourself. On the other hand, if you’re not into horror movies, watch a couple episodes of the Addams Family to get into the Halloween spirit.
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So what are you doing for Halloween? Why don’t you throw a party or grab some friends and give out some treats… and maybe a few tricks too.

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