Spring Sports: a Season in Review

Jimmy Lewis

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The end of the school year is upon us, and along with it comes the finishing touches of the spring sports season. While no banners were claimed for the Wave, strong team and individual performances were shown across the board.


In terms of Outdoor Track and Field, New Milford had a particularly strong showing. Charlie Osborne and Darcy Cook displayed impressive performances in the SWC Championship, leading their squads to second and fifth place finishes respectively. Over on the tennis courts, the boys’ team had a turbulent season but overall persevered and held their own. The girls’ team started out slow, but picked up momentum as the season went on and piled up a handful of wins. Across the street, the golf crew had a tough season, but strung together some of their best days on the greens as the weather perked up and the season came to a close.


Wave Lacrosse entertained exciting seasons on both ends of the gender spectrum, albeit with varying results. While the ladies failed to make the postseason, they made matters tough for their opponent whenever they graced the turf. Both SWC and Class L berths were clinched for the boys, with a victorious effort in the qualifying round of Class L serving as their lone playoff win.


Directing attention over to the diamond, both Softball and Baseball claimed stake to spots in their respective conference and state tournaments. While neither group was able to snag a win come tournament time, a fifteen win baseball season accompanied with a twelve victory softball season is nothing to scoff at. Postseason success has been few and far between in recent years, and it seems that trend lasted for at least one more go-around.


The potential for improvement of these teams is evident, making for an exciting 2019 prospectus. Congratulations to our 2018 spring sports teams for a hard fought season.

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