An Ode from a Senior, to his Beloved Teacher

Shane Fedigan

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As a graduating Senior, I have gone through classes with countless teachers from early kindergarten all the way through high school. Kevin Best is by far my favorite throughout my educational career.


I first had Mr. Best last year, his first year after moving from Danbury to New Milford to become the head of the Math department. The first day I came into class, (AAT) I was immediately welcomed by Mr. Best with open arms. After he had found out I played soccer, he immediately started a full 20-minute conversation about the team, and how his son is a Freshman and looking to get into the program. This was crazy to me. I never had a teacher before who I could have a captivating conversation with. That’s just the type of person Mr. Best is. His presence immediately warms up the room and you have no choice but to be enchanted by his charisma and good-naturedness.


In the two years, I’ve had Mr. Best’s class first thing in the morning, and everyone knows that high schoolers’ brains are not fully functioning until about 10 o’clock. As one could guess, everyone was in a sleepy haze. However, Mr. Best somehow managed to keep our attention by cracking jokes and telling us more about himself and his days as a UCONN cheerleader. He even created a gymnastics company and worked on the set of a movie. Whatever the day, Mr. Best always had some fun, new story to get everyone engaged.


The great thing about Mr. Best is that he has the ability to reach out to every type of student; no matter the student’s abilities, or personality. As displayed at the Senior Banquet’s tribute video, the crowd roared as it showcased Mr. Best. He really cares about helping students, an example of this is his after school study sessions before tests so everyone can get the help they need. He does everything in his power to make sure every student can do their best.


From my classmates and I–all who’ve had him will agree–we will all miss you, Mr. Best. You made class fun and made me enjoy coming to my B days. To all of his future students, you can look forward to a fun and exciting year in Mr. Best’s classroom.


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