“Curtains” is a “Tough Act to Follow”

Emma Tesoriero, Guest Writer

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New Milford High School debuted its annual musical production with a bang on Friday March 23. “Curtains” – a musical comedy full of action, humor, mystery, and love – has already received high praise from playgoers. Fans give the show 5 stars, some say that this is the best show NMHS has ever done.


Set in Boston in 1959, “Curtains” is a “whodunit” theater mystery, where detective Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, played by Senior, Michael Tarby, investigates a series of murders that take place behind the scenes of a fictional cowboy musical, Robbin’ Hood. The cast of Robbin’ Hood is forced to stay inside the theater while Frank Cioffi unravels the mystery, becomes involved in the show and falls in love with Niki Harris (Madison Bielmeier).


The curtains opened and the audience was immediately captivated. With elaborate sets, catchy tunes, and fresh faces of rising actors, “Curtains” is nothing like anything NMHS has ever produced before. Directed by Mr. Amenta, “Curtains” is a fresh, entertaining, family show.


Mr. Amenta took on the role of Director this year and “wanted to do an ensemble piece, one that really showed off all the talent New Milford High School has to offer.” Like never before, the musical is clean, jubilant in choreography and costumes, and exceptionally heart tugging. Scanning the audience during bows, one saw that many eyes were misty and everyone was on their feet. Who would imagine that a show so genuine could be produced by high school students?


Reginarose Ryan, Sophomore light board operator, said, “I love seeing the show come alive thanks to all the talented people involved. Being a part of ‘Curtains’ is going to be one tough act to follow.” (reference to “Tough Act to Follow” song in the musical).


Leading Freshmen, such as Tyler Holm who played the director (Christopher Belling) and Joshua Abel who played Oscar Shapiro, are faces to watch. Both have a promising future in acting and singing, as they proved in their roles in “Curtains.” The future looks bright for NMHS productions in the next few years as the talent continues to grow within the program.


Besides from occasional mic blips, the production was flawless to the audience’s eyes. The actors developed raw emotions of love, fear, and sassiness that resonated with the audience. Songs like “Thataway” and “Kansasland” made the audience tap their toes and hum along. As Frank Coiffi and Niki Harris sang, “Curtains” will be a “Tough Act to Follow.”


Jenna Epstein, Sophomore and member of the girls chorus, said, “I think that people should come see the show because it really represents how three groups of people (cast, crew, and pit) can come together and produce something truly fantastic…I love this show because of how it brings so many people together through late night rehearsals and stress about memorizing choreography and also how we are able to bring joy to an audience.”


Similarly, Emma Harvison, Sophomore crew member, said, “Whether you’re behind the stage, behind the curtains, in the pit, or in the audience, you can feel the energy and joy that everyone has for this show and it’s amazing to share with other people!” “Curtains” is a 5 star musical that was brought to life by 5 star actors, a 5 star pit, and a 5 star crew.

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