Graduating Class of 2018 cap and gown colors announced

Carolyn Gevinski

So far in the 2017-2018 school year, there have been quite a few changes to the way things work around New Milford High School. Most recently, the Mr. Greenwave tournament has been altered to include a Ms. Greenwave competition. Perhaps our administration is making attempts to be more inclusive towards all students, however, some of these actions have not been received well among the student body.

In 2017, the senior class attended an assembly in order to vote for what color(s) the cap and gown should be for our graduation in June. Seniors Deniz Appleby, Delaney Senior, Maddie Neeb, and Lauren Silva modeled the gowns. There were three options: The original (green for boys, white for girls), a more forest-green (girls and boys), and black (girls and boys). Many students were outraged at the possibility of change, especially having witnessed the classes previous to ours graduate in the standard green and white. However, a few others were more receptive to the change, agreeing that changing the gowns to a single, solid color for girls and boys was a better option.

In the end, the vote responses were counted, and the class of 2018 will graduate with boys in green and girls in white, per usual. Although there was no actual change to the 2018 graduating class’ gown colors, the possibility for change represents one of many transitions that may occur within the next few years at New Milford High School.