Drawing back the curtain on “Curtains”

Deanna Whitlow

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Curtains is New Milford High School’s upcoming musical, directed by one of our resident English teachers, Mr. Amenta. This is his first time directing a musical at our school, but he has a plethora of previous experience since this is his fourth time directing a musical. When asked about his passion for directing, Mr. Amenta commented on his lifelong passion for films and learning about the directors that create them. He also credits his love for the stage to both his mother and his elementary school music teacher. He grew up with his mother taking him to musicals, but really fell in love when his elementary school teacher played him the overture to the Phantom of the Opera. “I must have listened to it over a hundred times, trying to sing along,” he said.


Curtains is a comedic murder mystery set in Boston in the 1950’s,” Mr. Amenta stated when asked about the general plot of the musical. “Most of our characters are in show business; they are putting on a new musical called Robbin’ Hood with the hope that it will get rave reviews and move to Broadway. The problem is the show’s star, Jessica Cranshaw, is terrible and the show is rough. On opening night, Jessica is mysteriously murdered and local Lieutenant Frank Cioffi is tasked with solving the crime. Everyone is a suspect so he sequesters the cast in the theatre for the weekend so that he can conduct his investigation. With the cast and creative team stuck inside the Colonial Theater, they use their time together to try and revise Robbin’ Hood and Frank Coiffi, a huge musical theatre fan, can’t help but get caught up in all the magic.” The musical is sure to be a heartwarming murder mystery that has something for everyone.


Casting was a struggle this year, as there were so many people that wanted to be a involved in this incredible and rewarding process. Out of the 105 people that auditioned, about 60 made the cut. “My least favorite part of directing is casting. It is fantastic that there is so much interest in being part of the musical, but due to the constraints of space and costuming, we just couldn’t take everyone.” There is an overflow of talent at New Milford High. Everyone can still find a way to be involved, whether it is acting, set design, or tech crew.


Curtains is something that everyone should be looking forward to, from its music to its mystery, it will hold your attention the entire time it is being performed. In the words of the director himself, “Theatre is magic. The sets, lights, music, costumes…everything comes together so beautifully to draw the audience into a new world for a few hours. Theatre is temporary, but if done well, the experience stays with you.” It is clear that Curtains will be one of those experiences that you will not forget.

If you want to get a taste of the magic, you can purchase tickets at the Box Office after school, or at the following link: https://nmhsct.booktix.com

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