Spanish Honor Society Talent Show

Carolyn Gevinski

Every November, the Spanish Honor Society hosted the highly successful school-wide Talent Show. This year, the show was extremely successful, with mind-blowing acts, a packed audience, and deafening NMHS school spirit. Although there were quite a few singing acts, each and every performance yielded a booming applause from the crowd.

In third place, Josh Schutz, Danny Viterello, Devon Miller & Andre Vial performed “Back From the Dead” as a band. The performance was simply astounding and each member’s talent shone clearly. In second place, Connor Stahl, Tyler Volansky & Ryan Segal performed their own rendition: “Pink Panther: The Teenage Years”, a creative mixture of the Pink Panther theme song, with a unique twist into “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. The guitar and bass had clear, strong notes, and the drum solo towards the end made the crowd go wild. Finally, in first place, Geovanna Coelho’s performance of Hallelujah was absolutely jaw-dropping. Geovanna hit every high note and sang with astounding clarity and strength. She took first place.

Other acts that were hits that night included Will Horvath’s hilarious hockey stick twirling/ dancing/singing routine which had the audience in fits of laughter. Will Morris, Shea Baumgarner, Ryan Thibodeau, Charlie Vogt & Adam Crispo also performed a spectacular instrumental performance of the song “Titanium”. Nick Arlands, Savannah Llanos, and Madison LaFontan all had amazing singing performances, along with many other talented students at NMHS.

The backstage crew, Mr. Donahue, Mr. Keck, and Mrs. Pelletier and the Spanish Honor Society all helped create a successful, smoothly running show. The two MC’s, Carolyn Gevinski and Maggie Calbi put on hilarious skits, rapped, sang songs, and provided an entertaining break between acts. The talent show was overall an amazing success, truly portraying the talent the students at NMHS hold.