Bank Street Coffee House closing its doors

Elle Bechtold

Living in the quaint, Connecticut town of New Milford or the surrounding area can be best highlighted by the center of the community, the New Milford Town Green. On Bank Street, one can find shops such as the whimsical “Play” store, the iconic Bank Street Theater, and formerly, the beloved Bank Street Coffee House. Sadly, the second home to all the friends and families of New Milford has closed its doors.


I talked to Mayor David Gronbach of New Milford, CT, and he expressed his support for the Bank Street Coffee House. Along with New Milford’s economic director, Kevin Bielmeir, Mayor Gronbach is making efforts at “…trying to get the Coffee House relocated…” and to “…transition them to another downtown location…”. The Bank Street Coffee House’s landlord decided not to renew the lease of it’s current location. In my interview with Mayor Gronbach, he told me he “…met with the landlord and tried to make a deal…”. The landlord of the Coffee House is planning on doing renovations on the space instead of renting the space out to the Coffee House.


The Coffee House, which has been known for years as a favorite local hotspot, was closed on Saturday, October 28th. The town has been greatly saddened by the news; it was a wonderful place where the community of New Milford could connect and enjoy the true beauty of the charming New England town. When I asked Mayor Gronbach if he has seen a response from the community, he replied, “…the community has reacted with disappointment…”. Although, hopefully the strength of the great community and elected officials of New Milford can relocate the beloved Bank Street Coffee House, and the local favorite can live on.