Spirit Week!

Rebecca Bizier

Throughout the years, Spirit Week has remained a well-known event at NMHS. The 5-day function is filled with costumes, face paint, and of course, lots of spirit. Students can show their school pride by participating in the following activities the week before the Homecoming Dance. Beginning with the line-up of the differently themed days, this year starts with Tacky Tourist Day and ends with Green and White Day (Toga Day for Seniors). The school week ends with the Pep Rally on Friday, holding events like tug-of-war and the three-legged race. Not only do these competitions allow the grades to show whose superior, but they allow students to spread school spirit.


During the school week, Fictional Character Day is a known student favorite. Costumes from television shows, cartoons, books, or movies can be seen. Tacky Tourist Day, Sports Jersey Day, and Retro Day have also been favorites from the past. This year, a survey distributed throughout advisories determined the week’s themes. On Monday there is Tacky Tourist Day, then there is Retro Day, America Day, Fictional Character Day, and Green and White Day for the day of the Pep Rally. Remember that Spirit Week truly shows how much school spirit we have, so spread the word and make sure to come dressed appropriately each day.


As the week comes to an end, get ready for the Homecoming Football Game. The Friday night event is a bit different from all the other home games–this one has a bonfire! Dress warm as the game is in late October, and be ready to cheer on our favorite Green Wave team!


“I love seeing the student’s pride and I love seeing everyone come together as a school,” stated Mrs.Keane when asked why Spirit Week was so popular at our school. It is clear that the teachers enjoy the week just as much as the students, and even participate dressing appropriately throughout the week. “It’s a great way for students to support the activities and sports of the school,” said Mr. Arnauckas. Nick Haggerty says, “It brings out the true spirit in our school!”