Positive outlooks for Boys and Girls Soccer

Taha Rao

Soccer at New Milford High School has seen many years of prominent success, from winning multiple SWC titles to making runs at the state title and having done so with ease. However, that has not been the case this year. New Milford faces one of its most challenging years yet with the boys soccer record being 3-3-3 and the girls being 2-6-1.


Since the girls’ back to back championships in the 2014 and 2015 seasons, the squad has struggled to rekindle the spark that led them to such heights of success. Although their record is 2-6-1 they hope to finish the season strong and be able to leave the underclassmen valuable experience which will hopefully lead them to successful seasons in the future. “For the rest of the season I hope the girls never give up no matter what the score is and always have positive attitudes,” said Senior Captain Maggie Mckay. “I hope the underclassmen learn that they should never let their heads down and always work hard.”


The boys squad has faced a challenging beginning, playing some of the league’s top teams to start off. They started the season playing Bethel, which they had lost 2-1, and then went on a two game tie streak. But things soon looked good as they had a crushing 8-0 victory against Immaculate, tieing the number one team in the league and beating the second best. The squad hasn’t given up hope for SWC’s. “We are getting better and better,” said Senior Captain Shane Fedigan, “And we are not going to stop working hard and giving our best until we reach the end of the playoffs.” After the crushing defeat in the SWC finals against Brookfield last year, the team is eager to win the championship and bring home a banner.


The squads have not had the best beginnings, but after playing the league’s top teams, there is hope for a brighter future. Both teams hope to finish the season strong and hopefully be able to make a run at SWC’s by putting in hard work.