Teacher Profile: Ms. Taylor

Taha Rao

We have had some exciting new additions to the teaching staff this school year. One of these additions is Ms. Taylor, a Chemistry and Integrated Science teacher.

Originally wanting to become a pharmacist studying at Trinity College, Ms. Taylor soon was approached by a professor to becoming a teachers assistant. Although she was hesitant, her professor saw Ms. Taylor’s effort, determination, and her exceptional ability to find alternate ways to learn concepts in her classes. Eventually, Ms. Taylor was convinced.

Ms. Taylor enjoyed being TA,so much so that she realized that she truly enjoyed teaching and decided to pursue it as a career. “I found that I enjoyed that moment when a student would finally get that ‘a-ha’ moment. That moment when something they had been struggling with finally made sense to them.” Said Ms. Taylor “It became evident to me that not everyone in life cares about that, and because I did, teaching was probably where I belonged.”  Ms. Taylor clearly had an enduring passion and was determined to make a career out of it. She made her way from being a tutor, to a TA, to student teaching from her graduate program, then eventually a few long term substitute positions for several different science classes.

New Milford High School soon had a opening and Ms. Taylor was considering it along with a few other schools. When she went in for a interview with Mr. Shugrue, he explained the school’s mission statement and the support first year teachers receive. By the end of the interview she was sold. Since arriving, she has felt welcomed by NMHS and loves the environment of the school.

Ms. Taylor is not only determined to help her students get good grades, but more importantly to understand the concepts she is teaching. She is willing to go the extra mile for any student to help them succeed in her class. Ms. Taylor also believes that an environment most conducive to learning is one in which students feel safe to take risks, feel safe to be themselves, and trust that their teacher cares about their needs. Her teaching style has had great success so far and will continue to benefit her students for many years to come.