NMHS Dramatics Stages The Wizard of Oz

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NMHS Dramatics Stages The Wizard of Oz

Herlandt Lino

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For those who missed The Wizard of Oz, the set of stunning performances from the Dramatics Club made it that much harder. As it was not an all school musical, the playwas only shown for two days, October 28th and 29th.

This was also an adaptation, as many of the school’s productions are, from Claude Townley. It was directed by Kay Mickelson, who by a unanimous opinion among the crowd and her own cast, did a fabulous job. Although, her job was made quite easy with such an ambitious and creative cast.

Jackie Bonomo, a senior, played the Cowardly Lion with a seamless transition between comic relief and seriousness. Off the stage, Bonomo is not a quiet one, and is able to let loose her contagious energy and simple antics. She was able to create one of the most loveable characters on stage.

On the other side of the spectrum was Olivia Heaton, another senior, who portrayed the Wicked Witchof the West. Complete with green face paint and a long, black robe, Heaton played a Quentin-Tarantino-esque villain that is so easy to hate. Even the maniacal laugh was on point, which was appropriately accompanied by the classic thunder sound effects and high-pitched evil squeal.

It would be hard not to mention the performances of senior Jordan Cowans as the simple, effective, and hilarious dry-humored as the Royal Historian and eventually Oz, junior Joe Alexander as the Smeagol-like King of the Winged Monkeys or senior Nick Principi as the innocent and affable Scarecrow.

More is to come to the stage, as Mary Poppins will be the next All School Musical. “If you thought Oz is good,” Bonomo said, “Mary Poppins is gonna be lit!”

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