The End of High School

Cesar Gavilano

“What happens from this point on will impact your high school career and consequently your college experience… it is now that you should start worrying about college… from now on, whatever you do will follow you until the day you graduate.” These phrases have been repeated and overused through many different generations of freshmen students. For the purposes of school, these phrases seem useful and are great advice for incoming freshmen. What a tragedy it would be if the school district found out about the ineffectiveness of its rhetoric? Now, as a senior I have acquired the experience to tell the youth that such phrases are useless.

        In just four years of high school students change a lot. They mature. They become more involved in what they like to do and do it with others who share their view. The groups that in previous years seemed to be segregated from each other overlap and vice-versa. High school should not be a place to restrict by focusing solely on the academic. It is a place to accompany studying with activities that define the person inside along with paving the path of their future.

        College is an option after four years of high school. Most will seek it while some will not. That’s perfectly fine. Students don’t have to bombarded by it from day one. They need to find their passion and the lifestyle that they enjoy. Stating that actions follow students through the end of their high school career is in part true, but mostly incorrect. I feel as though this can carry an unwarranted negative connotation. The intent is to forewarn students that their mistakes will follow them; however, it doesn’t emphasize the positives. Bad decisions and actions will haunt someone until the end of high school, but their good experiences and initiatives will follow them until their last breath. Those memories won’t die, and this is what should be emphasized the most for incoming freshmen. The perception that high school are the best years of someone’s life is false. High school is only one tile in a road of ever growing experience. Life should and will be an exponential curve for all who view it and follow it as such. So the initial advice for freshmen should instead be: “See college as an option… find your true interests and passions… make memories that will follow you beyond these four years.”