National Honor Society Inducts New Members

Katie Siegle

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On October 17, 2016, a select number of students achieved an incredible honor in the New Milford High School Theater. This particular accolade is not common; only students with a high number of achievements and skills receive it each year. This was the night of the National Honor Society Induction.

The evening began with 71 students entering the theater in an orderly fashion. They took their seats and at this time, senior Abby Myhill, the Master of the Ceremony, took to the podium to welcome all family, friends, and inductees to the theater. She welcomed the principal of New Milford High School, Greg Shugrue, to the stage and he said some beautiful words about the event and all the inductees. Mr. Shugrue underlined the idea that all members of the National Honor Society are not only leaders in the school, but in the community as well. He made sure the inductees knew how proud he was to be their principal.

After Mr. Shugrue concluded his congratulatory remarks, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools Alisha DiCorpo took her place at the podium. She too spoke to the inductees and stressed how proud they should be of their achievements.

The four pillars of the National Honor Society are Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. At the induction, four candles were lit for each pillar. President of the National Honor Society, Jessica Ho, lit the candle for scholarship. The Vice President, Tony Harkin, lit the candle for leadership. Secretary Olivia Streamen lit the candle for service, and Treasurer Abby Myhill lit the candle for character. All seniors, these four students spoke to the importance of each pillar, and how each inductee should model them throughout their time at New Milford High School.

At this time the students were called up one by one to receive their candle. Each student’s name was read, along with two of their accomplishments. They all stood on the stage together as the lights were dimmed and their candles were lit. The National Honor Society Pledge was read, and there were officially 71 more members.

The guest speaker of the night was Mrs. Jennifer LaCava, an English teacher at New Milford High School. When she walked up to the podium, everyone in the theater knew she was going to say something inspiring and uplifting. The audience was not disappointed. Mrs. LaCava told all the new inductees to live in the moment, and enjoy the night because soon they will go back to their old lives like nothing happened. Like the other speakers, Mrs. LaCava emphasized the pride she felt for the inductees and left the stage leaving everyone in the theater feeling positive.

To wrap up the evening, Jessica Ho read her closing remarks and everyone filed out. The inductees received congratulations from their family and friends while munching on desserts that were offered outside the theater. “Tonight had a meaningful and personal feel,” said one of the new junior inductees, Jimmy Lewis, “The fulfillment of being inducted is something I won’t soon forget.”

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