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New Milford’s Own Weather Boy

Patrick Murphy

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Figuring out what you want to do when you grow up is a big part of high school. Most of us try not to think about it, or do not do much to prepare. Junior student Chris Bouzakis is one of a rare few who does just the opposite.

Ever since he was young, Chris has always been interested in the weather. He had never really thought of the weather as anything other than just an interest until one fateful storm in October of 2011. For most, that Halloween snowstorm was one of those “remember where you were when it happened moments”, but for Chris it held much more significance. This storm made Chris decide that he wanted to become a weatherman.

Since realizing his passion, Chris has wasted no time trying to get his foot in the door of the industry as early as possible. In November of 2011 he created a Twitter page on which he shares his local weather reports and his predictions. With Chris’ knowledge of weather and obvious passion on display through his Twitter page, it did not take long for him to garner professional attention. Chris’ Twitter page received a follow from Channel 8 weatherman Gil Simmons, which he took full advantage of. Chris began to send emails to Gil thanking him and asking him for advice. Simmons read these emails and wound up inviting Chris to come visit his station. Chris impressed Simmons with his knowledge on the visit, and since then has been writing blogs for Channel 8’s WX Edge, and has even submitted content to the renowned Weather Channel based in Atlanta. His work on his blog has gained him a good deal of notoriety in the local weather community which has gotten him invited to see virtually every weather station in the state of Connecticut.

Chris is hoping that the headway he has made in the weather industry at a very early age will translate into success in the future. At the moment, he is currently considering several smaller colleges in the northeast that focus on weather. He hopes this will help him land a job at a local station to start his career. His early efforts certainly have given him a leg up, and would make it awfully hard to bet against him succeeding in the weather industry in the future.

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New Milford’s Own Weather Boy