Veteran’s Day Commemorations

Skylar Mink, Staff Writer

  Veteran’s Day is a time for everyone to pay gratitude and respect to those who served in any of the seven branches of the American military. It is a day to celebrate all active and inactive members of the uniformed services and to commemorate all we have lost. One way New Milford High School has honored this day was the advanced chorus performance at Northville Elementary School’s Veteran’s Day assembly.

  Amongst the many local Veterans, we reached out to New Milford High School’s Principal, Greg Shugrue, who served in the U.S. Air Force. Though Mr. Shugrue doesn’t classify himself as a veteran because he is “…humbly aware that [he] did not serve in combat…” he still appreciates when people pay respect to those who served. 

 “It means a lot,” he said when interviewed. The best way, according to Mr. Shugrue, to thank a veteran is a simple, “Thank you for your service.” Mr. Shugrue illustrates the importance of the morning pledge; “In the hallway [when] the pledge [comes on], I stop and stand and ask that [students] stop and recognize the symbolic nature of that moment.” It is okay if you don’t say the words, he says, that’s a personal preference. To pay respect to the flag is to pay respect to veterans and members of the military everywhere, whether in combat or not. 

   To all previous or current members of our armed forces, on behalf of the New Milford High School Wave Review, thank you for your service.