Teacher Profiles: Mrs. Cerra

Ana Flood, Staff Writer

On October 25, 2019, New Milford High School’s new Library Media Specialist, Linda Cerra discussed details from her path to librarianship to the addition of new programs in our Library Media Center.
Mrs. Cerra began her teaching career at Northville Elementary School as a 3rd-grade teacher, although colleague Debbie Chin inspired her to become a librarian. What particularly captivated Mrs. Cerra was viewing Mrs. Chin’s storytimes with students. The pure joy that illuminated each child’s face is what encouraged her to pursue her future as a media specialist.
To spread that happiness to high school students, Mrs. Cerra began her weekly theme program this year. Every Monday, a new creative activity such as decorating pumpkins, or making lego creations is instituted. These various themes are held in the “maker space”. This is an area where students can design, create, and collaborate with their fellow peers.
Although, Mrs. Cerra says that what makes her job at New Milford High School exceedingly special is the interactions and connections she makes with students daily.