New Milford Football Kicks-off

Cassie Williams, Staff Writer

The New Milford High School’s varsity football team has had six games so far this season. In the past, our New Milford team has struggled with success but has seemed to find a better position this year. One highlight, in particular, would be this season’s homecoming game.

Annually, the New Milford football team plays rivals against a team the night before the school’s homecoming dance. The energy electrified the stands this year, with an exuberating win! This victory with a final score of 30-29, was a perfect resolution to the school’s spirit week and the beginning of a winning streak.

However, the Green Wave’s most recent game didn’t go as expected. They played a strong game but were not able to catch up to Fairfield, the opposing team. Although, this game can help our team gain self-motivation and determination to make the rest of their season nothing but wins. Varsity’s next home game will be November 1st, make sure to come out and support one of our many wonderful athletic teams at New Milford High school!