The Chorus Cabaret Show

Skylar Mink, Staff Writer

The New Milford High School Choral Program hosted its first fundraiser of the year on Friday, October 4th. The Cabaret was a wonderful show held to raise money for the Chorus’ Boston Field Trip in May 2020. Volunteers transformed the Cafeteria into a Broadway Cabaret. In this case, Choral students would perform Broadway songs while the audience enjoyed complimentary beverages and treats donated by volunteers and attendees. Hosting the event were junior students Joshua Abel, Lily Boisvert, and Allie DaSilva. The show consisted of sixteen singular performances, ranging from the musicals Beetlejuice to Wicked. They introduced the twenty-six performers including, Allie DaSilva, Jazmine Gaudette, Lucy McKay, Aidan Smith, Lily Boisvert, Kristen Taylor, Emily Hrostek, Julia Gearing, Jessica Learson, Gavin Pullen, John Heaton, Maddy Lafontan, Juliana Rella, Ian McNulty, Khabyra Alston-Kennie, and Samantha Learson. There were also five duets by students including, Diya Sukumaran & Amanda Williamson, Cassie Williams & Leah Lawson Maddy Lafontan & Joshua Abel, Juliana Rella & Brian Hinger, along with Lily Boisvert & Joshua Abel. Finally, there was one quintuplet acapella performance of “The Longest Time” from Movin’ Out the musical. The singers were Malachi Caldwell, Zachary Caldwell, Wilson Castillo, Jordi Padros, and Gavin Pullen.