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Cinderella Premiere Is A Success

Herlandt Lino

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Friday, March 18 was the premiere of the 34th all school musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. There was great anticipation for the premier, and it was well deserved.

I arrived at the theater an hour and a half before showtime at seven, and snuck my way in to see how everything was developing. I didn’t really know what to expect, but maybe some rushing and nerves. There was nothing of the sort. People were calm and joking around, doing mic checks and other small tasks. The preparation had begun long before I had arrived.

Twenty minutes to showtime is when backstage began to get hectic. Everyone was running to get on finishing touches of makeup and adjust wardrobes.

Five minutes to showtime, everyone had gathered in the band room while each senior said some last words. “This is my last opening night, and this is the best cast I’ve worked with,” Kellen Ness, Sebastian in the musical, explained to his cast members. “I’ve grown so much.” It was clearly a heartfelt moment, but Ness was certainly not exaggerating.

At 7:05, lights fell and the show began. The coordination and smooth transitions from action to action, with an undeniable natural talent for not only acting, but singing was incredible. It wasn’t just the main characters that had obviously gone through intense practice, but even people with the smallest parts performed their roles perfectly. The little things made it all come together. If someone was onstage, the person was doing something. Everyone had a job, and everyone had executed brilliantly.

Cinderella, being a musical, consisted of a great deal of singing. Each person on stage had his own zeal and style, so fitting to their character, and culminated to create a believable scenario, even though nobody in real life speaks in song and dance. Cassie Bielmeier, a junior on the lead role of Ella, and Kevin McNulty, another junior playing Lord Pinkleton, both had particularly outstanding singing performances.

Anna Wright, a senior playing Madame, also had a great performance. She did an outstanding job in giving the audience a chance to hate someone with her blithe abuse of Ella, while at the same time making the audience laugh along with her daughters Gabrielle and Charlotte, played by Jordan Cowan and Kay Mickelson respectively. Liam Pitt, a junior, also stood out with his exaggerated and eccentric performance of Jean-Michel, a lovable revolutionary who always sought out a chance to speak with Topher, played expertly by junior Tony Harkin, a lonely and good hearted prince.

It is hard for me to express the tremendous respect for all the participants in Cinderella. The premiere demonstrated the high caliber of each and every player. It will be easy for you, Reader, as you can watch for yourself on April 1 at 7 PM and April 2 at 2 PM and 7 PM for a well spent $10.

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Cinderella Premiere Is A Success