Student Profiles: Cassidy Ranno

Ana Flood, Staff Writer

 At first glance, Cassidy Ranno may appear as just a tall curly-haired girl, repping her varsity uniform and always chatting with her friends. However, what most people may not know is that behind her outgoing personality is a hard-working student with a passion to become a successful CEO of her own business. 

 As a Junior and determined student, Cassidy Ranno is enrolled in a rigorous course load with classes including APUSH and AP Environmental Sciences. After school, Ranno can either be seen practicing drills with her soccer team or sprinting relays with her track mates. She is also an avid member of various extracurricular activities, but she especially enjoys partaking in the club Future Business Leaders of America. 

 Ranno joined the F.B.L.A during her freshman year, it immediately sparked her interest in business. Future Business Leaders of America provides students with opportunities to attend conferences and learn about the important aspects of the business lifestyle. Ranno partakes in the club to become more involved in her community, as well as learning the trade.

 Throughout Ranno’s young life, she has always strived to be as compassionate and helpful to her peers in classes, sports, or clubs. She hopes that through the business she can help lead people to become involved in communities and make an impact.