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NAMES Can Really Help Us

Faizah Karim

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Bullying impacts millions of lives, including people we know, and it should not be ignored. New Milford High School has recognized this issue and has taken action. On October 27th, NMHS will be running the NAMES program for sophomores, as it does every year.

The main goal of NAMES is to inform participants that they have someone to talk to and feel comfortable with. This program is a great way for people to learn about how bullying can be stopped. It also allows students to bond and form relationships. With the help of many upperclassmen and teachers, NAMES was created to make a memorable experience for everyone.

To begin the presentation, there will be an introduction to the program. Then, a few brave upperclassmen will sit on the stage and tell stories of when they were a bully, a target, a perpetrator, or an ally. The most memorable moment of the presentation is the “open-mic” session. Here, students have the chance to tell their peers about problems or situations impacting them. They will then break into designated groups and discuss their day.

Overall, the day is unforgettable. Students do not realize how much they have missed by never giving a person a second glance and that people so close to them were having such problems. After this program, the ideology of the sophomore class will be changed for the better. They will be closer than ever.

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NAMES Can Really Help Us