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Something Bittersweet

Faizah Karim

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There’s something bittersweet about senior year. I always pictured my fourth year in high school a little differently than what actually happened. I expected myself to grow more mature during the summer before 12th grade. When I walked in, I expected everyone to say, “Wow, you look so different!” Other than that, I expected myself to act more mature. Instead, nothing really changed. I’m still the same person I was junior year. I’m still stumbling into the wrong classrooms, thinking it was an A day instead of a B day. I’m still walking down the hallways thinking that next year, I will do better in my classes. But the thing is, I won’t be in the same place next year. And the other thing is, I will be surrounded by strangers.

There’s something bittersweet about senior year. You don’t feel like a senior at all. You feel like you have to be back at high school again. You feel like every weekend, you will be going to the same old football games at the same old field with the same old people.  You feel like someone is pressing a rewind button on a remote on your high school life over and over again. Then you realize that the remote broke and now you have to do something with your life. You realize that all the homework you have done, all the clubs you joined, all the hours you spent volunteering, you have to see why you did that. And the reason you did all those things is because you wanted a future ahead of you.

There’s something bittersweet about senior year. I realized this while walking down the hallways, taking everything in for the last time. Looking at all the pictures, remembering all the crazy days during spirit week, all the students getting together for the dances, and all the different relationships we had with people.

I didn’t realize how short our high school life is. It took three years for me to figure that out. Like I said, there’s something bittersweet about high school. And everyone needs to make those four years count.

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Something Bittersweet