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Teacher Profile: Mr. Holderbach

Meadhbh Ginnane

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New Milford High School has made many new additions to their staff this year, and one of the finest (and one of my teachers) is undoubtedly Mr. Brad Holderbach.

After graduating New Milford High School, Mr. Holderbach attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Economics and Business. During college, Mr. Holderbach got an internship at his future workplace, GE Capital. He worked for GE for approximately ten years, and during those years managed to teach others, often sacrificing his own free time to help them with their work. He finally decided to become a teacher after hearing the stories of his wife, who is also a teacher. He was struck by the difference she was making in the lives of so many people, and realised that teaching was the career for him.

Shortly after this realization, Mr. Holderbach decided to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher, and left GE Capital. His first step was obtaining a master’s degree in education. For his inaugural years of teaching, Mr. Holderbach taught Social Studies and Business at Weston High School. After two years, the opportunity to teach at his old school, New Milford High School, came up, and he jumped at the chance. He now teaches Global Studies and AP Microeconomics in New Milford. If he had to choose another subject to add to the list, he’d choose to teach Business.

If Mr. Holderbach had to choose another career, he would go back to his old job in corporate finance, but after hearing about his performance in New Milford High School’s charity basketball game, I think he’d make a great professional basketball player.

Mr. Holderbach’s career change was definitely the right move. His love for teaching shows in class every day. He’s an amazing teacher. He manages to take completely foreign concepts and break them down to something easy and recognizable. He’s always available for extra help, and will actively go out of his way to help his students as much as possible, doing everything in his power to help his students the material taught in class. I am incredibly grateful for all of his help so far this year. I have no doubt that he’ll continue to inspire and help his students for many years to come.

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Teacher Profile: Mr. Holderbach